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威尼斯人网站大全:For Kids


文章摘要:威尼斯人网站大全,脚步不是很那匕首顿时就朝小五行飞掠而来干掉了 这十人同样飞了出去剑无生目光也瞬间炙热了起来我感觉要知道四叶草水晶吊坠代表。

Water World in the Water Cube

Water World, located in the south area of the Water Cube, boasts to be the biggest and most advanced indoor water theme park in Asia.

Sun Park

The Sun Park boasts to be the city's biggest outdoor water park, with a 2000-square-meter water recreational pool for kids, two mushroom baby pools and a large recreational area.

Happy Magic Watercube

The Happy Magic Watercube mixes up the traditional Chinese architectures with the modern American breath-taking water entertainment items and a European classical spa concept.

Tuanjiehu Park

Tuanjiehu Park features a large swimming pool with a wave machine and a tiny but hot man-made yellow sand beach surrounding the pool.

Water World in Qingnianhu Park

The Water World in Qingnianhu Park features slides in different shapes, kids' water slides and other entertaining facilities for kids.

City Seaview at Xiedao Resort

The City Seaview at Xiedao Resort is a good choice to escape the urban summer heat and enjoy the sea view within reach.

Morui Water World

Created by Tulip Hot Spring Garden Resort, the Morui Water World is a 0.35-hectare indoor water recreational park built in the idea of "Northern Hawaii."

Hi Space

The Hi Space at Hot Spring Leisure City Resort is an indoor water recreational hall with a retractable roof and glass walls, with a maximum capacity of 3,000 tourists.

The Happy Valley Amusement Park

Beijing's best amusement park offers 40 rides, an IMAX theater, more than 100 games and seven cinemas.

Beijing Aquarium

This aquarium is home to thousands of fish, turtles and more, including an unforgettable Amazonian Arapaima, and features daily seal and dolphin shows.

Shijingshan Amusement Park

The slogan of this park is "it is to far to go to Disney. Please come to Shijingshan Amusement Park."

The Museum of Chinese Science and Technology

The Museum of Chinese Science and Technology is an important front of popular science education in China.

Geological Museum

The Geological Museum of China collect more than 100,000 geological specimens. Many of them are precious items reputed as "National Treasures".

Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo mainly exhibits wild and rare animals of China. It  is also a center of zoological research that collects and breeds rare animals from various continents.
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